Monday, August 31, 2009

Orange Moon

As the moon was starting to set in the western sky, it's color was brought to my attention. This rich burnt orange color (yes, it was actually this color) was just beauitful. I grabbed my camera, handed it to Scott and asked him to put on the 500mm lens and get it set up on the tripod while I put on shoes and a light jacket. This photo was taken about 12:30AM Sunday morning (30 August 2009).

Orange Moon


Tash said...

Fantastic, eerie photo. I was shooting the same moon about the same time, but my photos are not as defined. My son thought it was really spooky.
Last night I woke about 2:00 am and the moon was back to normal color, lighting the residual storm clouds. I was way too sleepy to take a picture of that, but it sure was pretty.

Lori Lynn said...

Spectacular tina!