Friday, November 13, 2009

Spectacular Sunset!

Last night as we got out of the car at Target, the sky was just breath taking with the setting sun reflecting off the bottom of the clouds! It was like the clouds were on fire! I am glad my husband suggested that I bring my camera along!



Lori Lynn said...

Yeah, we gotta take our cameras everywhere. I was at Target earlier too. On Gaffey?

Excellent shot Tina!

Tina Epperson Freelance Photography said...

Yes, the Target on Gaffey! I'm there at least twice a week! LOL

Tash said...

Nicely captured, such a pretty shade of pink.

So shall we meet at Target sometime?? :) I keep forgetting about that one, and it's really the closest to me driving home from work.

Tina Epperson Freelance Photography said...

Sounds like a great idea Tash!