Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angel's Gate Lighthouse

This evening I went thru some files of photo's that I had taken last summer(2008). I came across this one of Angel's Gate Lighthouse (built in 1913, it sits at the entrance of the Port of Los Angeles) and decided I'd play around with it. When I first edited the original last summer, it is way too blue! Again, inspired by the photos I've seen of San Pedro from the early 1900's, I just had to convert this picture!

Here is the photo after I did the editing last summer. TOO BLUE!!

Angel's Gate Lighthouse - original edit

After the re-edit tonight. I prefer this one!

Angel's Gate Lighthouse

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Lori Lynn said...

Hi Tina! Nice to meet you. Looks like we shoot several of the same subjects, cool! Looking forward to following your blog.